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Are you getting the most out of your cloud storage?

Mail2Cloud is a revolutionary cloud-based email and attachment management system that automatically uses the power of your existing cloud storage service to increase email  productivity, enhance email data security, and reduce email IT costs.

In other words, Mail2Cloud saves you time & money.


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Make cloud adoption automatic, but non-disruptive

Most Mail2Cloud services are provided via our email gateway, meaning there’s no software or plugins to install. The integration is also seamless and nearly invisible, meaning there’s no user training or “adoption” required.

Mail2Cloud functions “behind the scenes” at the server level, making users more productive and email more secure immediately, with zero disruption.

Make sure every attachment is automatically sorted & saved where it belongs

Do all those clips look familiar? Knowing where to find the specific attachment you’re looking for in email is never fun...

... but with Mail2Cloud, files are already exactly where they should be – organized, accessible, secure!

 Save timemoney.

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Put the “clip” back in it...

Ever been frustrated by the missing attachment “paperclip” when you send a cloud file link via email? Mail2Cloud's Cloud Clips makes your life easier by detecting cloud storage links in all of your emails (both sent and received) and putting the missing clip back in! So simple, but so incredibly helpful!

Mail2Cloud isn’t just for businesses.

Mail2Cloud also offers multiple email productivity tools for individuals! Our Chrome Extension add-in, Save & Share, and Retriever are all available without any special setup required.

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Email Reminders

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